Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have age restrictions?
    A: No but an adult must be present for minors to play.


  2. Do you do corporate events at your location?
    A: Yes, Please contact us for details.


  3. Do you offer offsite corporate events?
    A: We are developing offsite kits to run events at companies, and offsite venues.
         please contact us if you are interested.


  4. What are you prices?
    A: Our prices vary based on day, time, and group size.
         Usually prices are between $23 - $35 per person.
         Please go to book now, and enter the number of players to see prices.


  5. Do you have discounts?
    A: We post our promotions, and coupon codes on Instagram, Facebook, and Yelp.
         We also offer discounts for youth groups. (please contact us if you are a youth group)


  6. Do you have parking?
    A: Yes, we are in an outdoor shopping mall with free parking.


  7. Do your rooms contain actors?
    A: At this time none of our rooms have live actors.


  8. What is Hard Mode?
    A: When hard mode is chosen we add another 3 - 7 steps to the room.


  9. What Generation are your rooms?
    A: At this time our rooms are generation 1 and 2, we hope to create a generation 3 room for our           4th room.

  10.  How long have you been around?
    A: We opened our escape rooms in 2018, Comic store in 1984, Anime Store in 1998 and our Game store in 2001.